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HG-ABC is not currently holding any public events, but there are still ways that you can help.

Donate to the HG-ABC General Fund

This helps pay for administrative costs, such as our post office box, postage, etc. These are things that are important for the day to day operation of HG-ABC.

Donate to the HG-ABC Defense Fund

Building this fund allows HG-ABC to provide material support to prisoners. This can range from contributing to a prisoner’s commissary fund to contributing to bail money.

General Fund 

Defense Fund

Support our Allies
The Anarchist Black Cross Federation and the General Defense Committee of the IWW are two groups we are supportive of even while having no affiliation with them. By helping to provide funds to these organizations, you can help ensure there are resources to support class war prisoners.

Support the ABCF Warchest!

Support the ABCF Warchest

The Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF) has initiated a program designed to send monthly checks to those Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have been receiving insufficient, little, or no financial support during their imprisonment. The Warchest program was initiated in November 1994. It’s purpose is to collect monthly funds from groups and individual supporters, and send that money to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POW) via monthly checks.

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Support the General Defense Committee of the IWW

To donate to the GDC, click here.

The preamble of the General Defense Committee Bylaws read:

The aims of this organization shall be to provide defense and relief to members of the working class who are being persecuted for their activity in the class struggle.

Coordinating our efforts will enable the General Defense Committee to oppose the vicious onslaught of the master class with a powerful defense, especially when labor is engaged in industrial strife.

It has been found in past labor struggles that the lack of adequate defense has resulted in many of the most active fighters for labor being arrested and imprisoned for long periods of time or being legally murdered by the employing class.

It shall be the purpose of the General Defense Committee to aid those who find themselves persecuted by the powers that be in their struggle for justice and freedom.

It shall also be the purpose of the General Defense Committee to publish and distribute literature exposing the false and reactionary propaganda of the master class.

By organizing the many and centralizing their efforts in each instance, labor will be given the protection of the entire working class, thereby making an injury to one the concern of all.

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